XOXO ESPRESSO is an independently owned and operated sales and service center for commercial and residential brewing and grinding equipment servicing the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We provide onsite service for commercial and residential espresso equipment. For more information on our products and service rates, please contact us for a consultation and estimate! A five minute call will save you hours of research! If you are not the right customer for us, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Most repairs can be performed at the customer’s location. However, there are times when the machine will need more attention. In these situations, we will remove the machine from its location, service it at our repair center, and then deliver it back to the customer site completely repaired and reconditioned.

In our experience, most equipment problems are caused by a lack of cleaning the machine. XOXO ESPRESSO sells a wide variety of cleaning supplies for most espresso machines. If you purchase cleaning supplies from us, we are able to give you direction on the proper cleaning and maintenance of your equipment, saving you money down the road and ensuring you maintain your quality product.

XOXO ESPRESSO is solely owned by Austin Caba and is based in beautiful Burlingame, CA. Austin has over 11 years of experience in the industry and works with almost all manufacturers of brewing and grinding equipment. Austin’s goal is to provide the best possible service experience resulting in you delivering your customers the highest quality product. There are many variables in making a great cup of coffee. And, there are very few people out there who will tell you what you need to ensure you are serving the best possible product. XOXO ESPRESSO is your solution!

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Centrally located in Burlingame, CA to service the entire San Francisco Bay Area